Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You might have just had abdominal surgery if....

( Yes, I realize I had surgery 21 days ago so I didn't really just have surgery, but in a Lyme infected body that doesn't recover fast, I'm like 8 days post surgery)
...You haven't slept in your room since before you had surgery because it's upstairs and the stairs turned into a mountain that stabs you in the stomach with knives.
...You've worn nothing but pajamas for 3 + weeks.
...You've worn the same outfit for a week at a time and no one cares.
...On Christmas you decide to "dress up" and wear jeans for pictures but you have to stuff Kleenex's in your pants because they rub your incisions.
...Also immediately after your pictures on Christmas, you change back into your sweats because your jeans rub the incisions and are too tight from swelling.
...The best and worst night since surgery was when you went to the ER 2 weeks after surgery. It was the best because you got to get out of the house and see people. It was the worst because you hurt so much to go to the ER.
...You feel like you've accomplished so much when you beat levels on the game angry birds.
...You still can't believe Christmas has already happened because when all the Christmas festivities started, you were admitted to the hospital and had surgery. You haven't done 1 Christmas thing this year so it doesn't seem like Christmas. The first time you realized Christmas was soon was when your hospital nurses started wearing their Christmas shirts.
...You ask for more sweats for Christmas because you cannot imagine having to wear real clothes again. Too painful.
...You've been told that you look pregnant by your parents because your abdomen is so swollen. Kinda funny!
...Sneezing and coughing is the most painful thing ever.
...You're angry at yourself for not asking for an elevator for Christmas so that you could once again go to your room.
...You would be happy if your parents told you to go to your room and made you stay there. But, that won't happen because you can't be left alone, much less make it to your room alive.

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  1. All caught up now. Praying for your recovery, stay strong beautiful girl, you're an inspiration to many! xxx