Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Video about My Story

This is a better version of my story. I made the slides longer so you can actually read them and I added another song!
I made it longer because last night they showed my video to the youth group along with the story of another teen battling cancer. It was a great night of praise and encouragment.


  1. This is so inspiring, Victoria...I am so sad for all you've gone through, but so encouraged by the faith you are showing and the maturity in Christ that is awesome. Many prayers are going up for you and for your recovery, sweet girl. Love you and thank you---Mary Seat

  2. Hi Victoria, my name is Kacy. I like your lyme video. I am also a teenager struggiling with chronic lyme disease. I've had it for 15 years and doctors say it doesnt exist here either (Louisiana). Message me if you'd like, id love to talk. My e-mail is
    Or, I am on facebook alot and you can find me on there either by that e-mail, or Kacy Michelle Henry in Louisiana.

  3. Hello!!
    I'm a french 23 yo girl, and I have to support the same invisible illness. I fell sick whan I was 17, diagnosed only at 22 and now I'm under treatment for a year. I'm actually under IV's, so I can understand how hard it is to live, days and nights with bones,joins,pains, fatigue, headaches,dizziness... I thought that I was the only one who suffered like that without any help of any doctours. I thought that it was so unfair, but now I know what is living, I know appreciate every moment passed with my family or friends, when I feel better.
    I'm finally glad of all the empathy I get through all my "lyme story", and I'm conviced that the end will be happy, very happy and turn toward people in need.
    I don't believe in God, unfortunatly.
    Take care!

  4. Victoria? I need a hero. I pray you can give me some answers. I live in Ponca City Oklahoma and have had all of the lyme symptoms since last October, after being bitten by a stray cat. My Dr. has tested me for Lupus, and I failed my treadmill test with flying colors. My heart and lungs gave out 1 minute into the test...I have been achy all over and having rashes and unexplained scratches on my arm. My lower back showed arthritis in xrays I had a couple of weeks ago. I can hardly walk on some days. The souls of my feet hurt and my muscles are so sore. Do you know of ANY Dr. that I could see in Oklahoma that specializes in this? I hope you are doing better since this video. God Bless.

    Lisa Love

  5. Beautiful, edifying website and video. Victoria. My daughter's boyfriend, a wonderful young man, is fighting the ravages of Lyme and associated co-infections and has experienced the additional consequences of the ignorance within much of the medical community regarding Lyme as many others have. Thanks for sharing spiritual encouragement with others in the midst of your own trials. It is deeply appreciated.

    And as a side comment to Lisa, the poster above: Cat bites often transmit Bartonella, a common Lyme co-infection, that can have many of the symptoms you describe. Transmission of the Lyme bacterium though mammilian bites has yet to be studied to be proven or disproven. However, cat mouths, especially ferile cats, are full of microorganisms that human immune systems are not well prepared for. I would get tested for Lyme and the common co-infections: Bartonella, Mycoplasmam Erlichia, etc. The best Lyme testing is being done by Igenex in California, other popular labs have a higher false-negative rate due to their testing methodology.Igenex also does testing for the co-infections.

    However, I would guess (as a layman that is only a student of this stuff) that bartonella is in play in your situation both from the cat bite origin as well as your symptoms. (Bartonella rashes can look like streakes, stretch marks or scratches) And similar to Lyme, Bartonella can be persistant, surviving in some cases, well past original standard antibiotic treatment courses.

    Co-infections is part of what makes Lyme such a difficult condition to treat sucessfully - a person often is infected by more than one pathogen.