Sunday, May 29, 2011

Life Lately

Last week I...

Got out of the house everyday except Monday and yesterday (Saturday)

Went up to church on Tuesday night with everyone and their dog (literally) because of a tornado

Went to church Wednesday night

Had to leave during church Wednesdays because of a seizure

Had friends spend the night Friday night for the first time in at least over a year

Laughed more than I have in a long time Friday night

Drove for the first time in 3 months

Went on date

Had a long seizure yesterday

Did not have to go to the hospital

Today I went to church for the first time in 3 months (except for last week when I went to the evening service for Senior night).

Today all my friends left for the senior trip at church. Every year the graduating seniors go on a fun trip with one of the youth ministers. This year they are going to Colorado. I would have gone had it not been for my seizures and recent issues.

Recently I found this song called Carry Me by Audrey Assad which reminded me of this verse. I'm so thankful that God carries us through everything and never lets us go.

"Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you" Isaiah 46:4

Carry Me by Audrey Assad
"Pain is a forest we all get lost in
Between the branches hope can be so hard to see
And in the darkness we've all got questions
We're all just trying to make sense out of suffering but

You say I am blessed because of this
So, I choose to believe
As I carry this cross, You'll carry me
Help me believe it

Fear is a current we all get caught in
And in its motion faith can be so hard to find
And we all falter 'cause we're all broken
We're all just trying to turn the shadows into light but

You get glory in the midst of this
And You're walking with me
And you say I am blessed because of this
So, I choose to believe
As I carry this cross, You'll carry me

And I know Your promises are faithful
And God, I've seen Your goodness in my life
And oh, I've found Your mercy is a river
Your love is an ocean wide
You say I am blessed because of this
You get glory in the midst of this
And You're walking with me

And You say I am blessed because of this
So, I choose to believe
As I carry this cross, as I carry this cross
'Cause as I carry this cross, You'll carry me

You'll carry me, God
You'll carry me
And Your love is an ocean wide"

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pictures from the past week!

I think this picture was from when I was in ICU. I'm not exactly sure though

Some people from church and their kids made me this beautiful sign and brought it to the hospital!

Last night was Senior night at church. The senior guys lead the worship. Then, they called us one by one on stage to shake the elders hands and receive a Bible they gave each of us. After church, everyone went to look at each of the seniors table where we set up pictures and things about us. After that, our immediate families had a dinner where the youth ministers talked about each of us. Here are pictures from the night.

My youth ministers!

At the end of the service, everyone who had any connection to one of the seniors came and surrounded us while we sang a song and had the closing prayer.

It was such a great night.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Im home! I got home Friday night! And i actually got to go to church tonight for the senior night where they honor the high school seniors and give them each Bibles. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of it!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yesterday i started having seizure like convulsions and they wouldn't stop. We came to the hospital and now Im in the ICU. Please Pray

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

another update

Like i said, i went to the ER Wednesday. Thursday was a pretty good day. I just rested.

Thursday night i did not sleep well at all. My body felt restless and would shake. I took several baths to try and stop it and that worked for a while.

When i went downstairs around 11 Friday morning i still felt that way. My dad went to the store to get baking soda and Epsom salts. If you mix 3 cups of Epsom salts and 1 cup of baking soda in your bath, it helps detox and draw out toxins.

The next thing i knew, my jaw locked and was locked so hard that it was making my mouth bleed. Then, my arms, hands, and legs locked up. It looked like i was having a stroke.

We rushed to our primary care doctor. I had no shoes and was in my pajamas. When they saw me, they told us to go straight to the ER. They were going to call an ambulance but decided we could just go. I was so scared because i knew it looked like a stroke. My vision got blurry and i was just so scared.

We got to the hospital and they immediately knew what was wrong. It was a severe allergic reaction to medicine they gave me Wednesday night in the ER.

They got an iv started and gave me iv benadryll and ativan. It was amazing how fast it stopped everything. It started coming back after a while so they gave me more, plus a nerve medicine. I forgot what it's for. They said that these kind of reactions are so scary cause your whole body cramps and hurts. My hands and toes actually curled up too. It felt like my throat was closing up.

After the second dose of medicine, we got to go home. I was never taken to a room, they did everything in the waiting room because i needed the medicine fast. We were so shocked at how the medicines helped immediately. The reaction also causes nausea and a few other random things.

They told me to stay on benadryll even in the middle of the night for several days.

Saturday i woke up with the same problems. It wasn't as bad as Friday, but was getting worse so we went back to the hospital. Once they got me to a room, they did the benadryll and ativan and some pain and nausea medicine.

That's all i remember. Then i went crazy from the ativan. Apparently i thought i was in Disney world. I tried using my hand as a phone. My family has been telling me everything i did and its so funny. I do remember crying because they were laughing at me. Haha it's hilarious.

Sunday, My family went to church while i rested at home. A few hours later, the reaction happened again. It was so scary. We rushed to the hospital and waited a year before they took me to a room. They did the usual ativan and benadryll which helped a lot. It wore off quickly so i had to have another dose.

Im also on another medicine with the benadryll to keep things under control.

Ever since Wednesday, everything has been a blur, probably from a the medicine.

So i have now been to the ER 4 times since Wednesday. The nurses know me and are very helpful.

Thank you for the prayers!!!! I have several posts going around in my head, so i will try and post more. My eyes are just blurry which makes it hard to write.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Another short update. Since my last post I've been to the ER 3 more times. I've been having a severe allergic reaction to a medicine they gave me in the ER on Wednesday. So I've been to the hospital 4 times since Wednesday. I think Im doing better, Im on meds around the clock to keep the reaction from coming back. I'll post more later when Im up to it. Please pray the reaction stays under control

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Just a quick update. Last night I had to go to the ER. The pain got so bad and i was passing out a lot. All my tests at the ER were normal, which is great. We were worried that something else was wrong. After they watched me and got the pain under control, we got to come home. Im doing better today, just resting like I should be.

My doctor in Nevada is the best. My parents called him yesterday to see what we should do since i was passing out. He just called to check on me again. They are so busy there but they took the time to call and check on me. We are so thankful for them!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Im home!!!!!

Im home!!! We got home late last night. I'll update more later but i just wanted you to know Im home! Im on bedrest for the next could weeks so Im just hanging out at home. One of my favorite shows, "Untold Stories Of the ER" is on all day so Im pretty excited! They must have known Im stuck at home and need something to watch. I feel right at home watching it! I love understanding everything they say.
I'll post more soon! Happy Mothers Day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm going home Saturday!

Wow! A lot has happened since my last update. First of all, May is Lyme Disease awareness month! I'll be writing more about that in the next few weeks.

My doctor thinks I have a stomach ulcer, so he put me on several medicines to help heal that. I take them before I eat, which helps me keep food down. Last week I was not keeping anything down. I'm doing better with that!

Thursday I had a very strong reaction to the push. We ended up calling my doctor at 3am because my parents were having to hold me down because I was shaking so much and in so much pain. I shook violently from 11pm-4am. My hair was a matted mess because of the shaking. It finally calmed down after several doses of medicine at 4am or so. My doctor called Friday to check on me since I didn't go to the clinic. We know that it(the push) definitely killed lots of bad things in me!

I was able to do some fun things with my family over the weekend!

I'm on a very strict diet because of the ulcer and intestinal problems. If anyone has any ideas for what I can eat, feel free to share. I've been eating a lot of chicken noodle soup, rice, jello, applesauce, bananas, and things like that. Of course I'm craving everything I can't have.

On Monday I had a reaction to something which caused me to be in lots of pain and I passed out several times. We rushed back to the clinic after we got to the apartment because I kept passing out. My doctor and a nurse stayed with us until 9pm. They gave me some medicine and watched me. They ended up giving me medicine to relax which left me almost knocked out, so I slept well that night.

Because of everything that's happened, my doctor says I need a break. He thinks I have a sensitivity to saline, which is in almost everything they use. That happens from getting it too much. It's happened before. That might be why everything aggravates my abdomen, causing more pain. If we keep aggravating my abdomen and intestines, they won't heal. All that to say, I'm coming home Saturday!!!!!!!!! I'm taking a break from the clinic to let everything start healing. We meet with my doctor one more time tomorrow before we go home.

I can't wait to get home! Thank you so much for everything you've done while I've been here. I've been here a little over 8 weeks, and it's been a long trip. I'm so thankful for my doctor and nurses here. We will stay in close contact with my doctor when we get home, and once my abdomen, intestines, and stomach heal, we will start on the treatments they send home with us.

My doctor and the staff here is amazing. I've never seen people so dedicated to helping patients. There have been many, many days when they've stayed late into the night with us at the clinic because I needed something. They also answer their phones at 3am if you need them! They give up a lot of Saturdays to be at the clinic to give us one more day of treatment. I'm so thankful for them. I so wish they were closer to our house and not across the country. But you do what you have to.

Please continue to pray for a safe trip home and continued healing. I've come a long way, and still have a ways to go. Thank you for the prayers!!!