Saturday, July 11, 2015

Walking each other Home!

I saw a quote saying "we're all just walking each other Home". I love that. When you walk someone home, you're going out of your way to help someone. To defend them if needed. To get them to their destination in the best way possible. You're taking a journey with their Home in your mind at all times. You're doing everything unselfishly. Isn't this how we're supposed to love each other? We're all on this journey to our Eternal Home in Heaven and we need to help walk each other Home. That means defending them, protecting them, guiding them with Heaven in our thoughts all the time because that promise, the promise of no more pain, sickness, death, tears, will help us no matter how long, difficult, and mountainous the journey is. As people get closer to our Home, we should become more attentive because we'll soon be saying "see you later" as they finally reach our Home in Heaven! I hope we learn better each day on how to walk each other Home through this life. I think it will change how we treat others on this journey! Each day, we get closer to Home. 

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