Monday, May 23, 2016

Dancing With The Stars Coming To Me!

I have some REALLY SUPER EXCITING NEWS!! I'm getting a dance lesson from a Dancing With the Stars pro!
Ashly Costa was a pro dancer on Dancing With The Stars for seasons 1-3 and 10 (correct me if I'm wrong 😊)!
Her husband, Mike Costa, was a producer for Dancing With the Stars too and that's how they met! They now do (almost 😉) daily vlogs on YouTube, and I won a contest on their channel! 
So Ashly and Mike and their sweet kids will be coming to ME here in Oklahoma to give me a dance lesson!!!!! I can do a private lesson or a group one, so I have some big decisions!!! 
I've talked with Ashly a little since finding their YouTube channel and she is so sweet! Their family vlogs are just amazing because of how caring they are and just how they live life to the fullest! I can now say that they're just as sweet in "real life" aka, FaceTime ☺️ 
I'm SO humbled and excited to be given this opportunity!!!!! We don't have date set yet but I will let you all know for sure! 
Please check out their channel and subscribe to be sent notifications when there's a new video! They just reached 5,000 subscribers which is incredible!!! I think I'll be on their next vlog so look for that too! I haven't stopped smiling since we talked! 😊💚 it's amazing how God brings joy exactly when I was kinda down from all the side effects of my treatments and the staph infection. 

Here's their YouTube channel! Please check it out!


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