Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lots of appointments..

There has been a lot going on lately. We found a doctor in Seminole, Ok that treats Lyme with both conventional and natural medicines. My appointment is next Wednesday with her. We're praying that she really does treat Lyme and actually knows something about it.
I'm going to a pain management team at Children's hospital on September 8th. They said that they treat tons of teens with Lyme and they understand the pain and lack of sleep in a Lyme patient. The pain management doctors are also the anesthesiologists for Children's. They sounded really helpful!
We're still waiting on the sleep lab results.
My homebound teacher called today and I'm starting homebound again on Thursday. She'll come to my house once a week to answer any questions I have or help with anything. I will do all my work online through the school. They have been really helpful and encouraging.
My home nurse still comes once a week to change the PICC line dressing and take my vitals and everything. My PICC line has been in for almost 6 months so it's almost time to get it out. We're trying to decide what to do next. Not doing IVs is not really an option. Our choices are another PICC line or a port. I pick the port. It's a device that is inserted into the upper chest and goes to the heart. The nice thing about a port is that it is under the skin and you can't see it-unlike the PICC line. The port can also be left in for years. But you do have to have surgery to get it put in. We are hoping that the pain management team could order the port since I don't really have a doctor that can order it. Plus, they would be the ones we worked with anyway since they do the anesthesia for surgeries. We are just looking at options right now.
There is a really cool website where you can make something with words and print it or do whatever with it. Mine is hard to see, but there are verses and different words. You can click on the picture to see it bigger. Here's the website:
Wordle: Waiting

"But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me." Micah 7:7

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