Friday, September 4, 2009

Hard Week

The doctor finally called us back and said I have a virus. I've been feeling really bad and couldn't even go to church Wednesday night. It's going to take a while to recover. So I've been doing IV fluids and breathing treatments every 2 hours. I have a rash all over my back and we're not sure why. It doesn't itch or anything, it's just there.
Several people have been asking about my PICC line (peripherally inserted central catheter) and IVs at home so here's some pictures and details. The PICC line goes all the way from my arm to my heart through a vein. One PICC line can stay in up to a year if it is well taken care of. Most people have theirs 4-6 months. It can't get wet at all, which makes showering very difficult. When I get the PICC line out it will be great to shower again without having to wrap my arm in plastic wrap and tape and hold it above my head.
I can start the IVs and everything by myself, which is great. Not very many people get to become nurses at the age 16..try not to be jealous. Ok, real nurses do a whole lot more than I do.
Everyday I have to flush it with saline and heparin. An IV takes about 3 hours. Sometimes I do 2 IVs back to back so that's 6 hours. It's great fun, trust me. When I'm not using the PICC line, I wrap it up in a mesh wrap so that it doesn't get pulled out. I've had a few times where it has gotten caught on something and almost came out.
Flushing it with saline

All hooked up to an IV.

Flushing it with heparin.

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