Saturday, September 19, 2009

I survived the lock-in!!

Well I'm alive after the lock-in at church! It was SO much fun. There were about 40 of us so it was a smaller group than the normal lock-ins. Yes, people thought I was absolutely crazy for staying the whole time. I just told them that my body insists on being nocturnal anyway so I might as well be having fun all night and not be at home. That was the first time I've spent the night somewhere else besides my house or the hospital in a long long time. Here's what we did all night.
10:30pm- getting icees at On Cue aka the new hangout spot for Edmond..
11pm-lock-in starts
11:30pm-12:30am- capture the flag in the dark in the whole building plus outside
12:30-1:30am- discussion about leadership team and breaking into small groups to plan
1:30-2am- devotional
2am- tye-dye leadership team tee shirts
3-8am- "sleep time" apparently everyone did go to sleep except me and my friend. We asked the youth ministers if we could sleep in the kitchen because we were hungry and we brought popcorn and hot chocolate and they said yes! So we were up way too late. I think I slept maybe an hour.
8:30am- clean the building
9:30-10am- breakfast and free time
10-11am- the Surprise. We had been waiting all night for the surprise. We all had to close our eyes and we were put in specific places. When were opened our eyes we were in the gym getting ready to have a work out session. Someone had the brilliant idea for us to have a team building experience by working out right after the lock-in. Great idea! NOT.
I did most of the exercises which is impressive since some days I can't even get off the couch. I am definitely paying for staying up all night and actually doing a whole work out. I'm hurting a lot and I know tomorrow will be worse. Oh well! It was so much fun!!

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