Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This isn't normal? You know you're at my house when...

...you walk into our house and notice the pleasant smell of the hospital. It makes you wonder why our house smells like that. You would probably want to leave but that would be rude.
...you walk down the hallway and see huge containers. You glance at them and notice IV bags. You stop and look closer and see dozens of needles, masks, alcohal pads, gloves, syringes, and surgical stuff.
You stop and look closer and see dozens of needles, masks, gloves, alcohol pads, syringes, and surgical looking stuff.
...you walk into the kitchen and notice tons of medicine on the counter.
...you look at the kitchen table and see masks on my mom and I, and figure out that she is accessing my port. All the medical supplies are spread out on the table to make it a sterile enviornment.
...you go to get a drink in the refrigarature and notice more medicine bottles.
...you walk into the living room and either see me hooked up to my IV pole or see the IV pole just in the room
(this is what I would look like hooked up to an IV. Minus the beach...)
...you go up to my room and see on the table by my bed a thermometer, medicine, more medicine, a breathing machine, and surgical tape.
All of this is now normal to us. I guess I forget that no one else has these things...

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