Tuesday, June 1, 2010

oh how I love summer!

Our pool opened last Friday and it is great! Friday some of my friends came over to swim and we had a great time!! Friday night I got a bad headache and felt really sick. Saturday I slept most of the day and still felt horrible. It must have been from being in the sun all day on Friday. Sunday I got to go to church which is always wonderful! Yesterday I went to get some new clothes for Brazil! We leave 2 weeks from today. I CAN NOT wait!!!! We are starting to get things ready to go for our trip. There is so much to do but I don't mind it since it's a fun trip!
For some reason my medicines still haven't gotten here. They had to make several of my meds at the clinic so it's just taking longer than we thought. I really need to get them and figure out my schedule!
Shelby and I at church Sunday

Tacy, Natalie, my brother, me, and Alex at the pool!

This week I'm doing a liver and gallbladder cleanse. I have so many itchy rashes all over me from my liver problems so I'm so excited to clear things up. Everyday I drink lots of apple juice. Then on Saturday and Sunday I have to take Disodium Phosphate in hot water, olive oil, and grapefruit juice. It says you can only do this once or twice a year because it is so powerful!
Today my brother and I have been at the pool all day! Last summer I couldn't swim because of my PICC line so it's wonderful to be able to have a port and be able to swim!

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  1. So glad you are able to enjoy some summer time with friends!