Friday, May 4, 2012

New doctor and phone consult with Lyme doctor

Last Wednesday (a week ago) we talked to my Lyme doctor in Nevada on the phone. I'm experiencing more neurological symptoms and still the severe bone pain. His first thought is that the Lyme is active again. The problems I've been having for the past year to two years are left over problems from damage that the Lyme has done. Since I've had so many treatments to kill the Lyme in the past three years, my doctor has said that I haven't had an active infection for a while. I've just been dealing with the damage from the bacteria, but now he thinks that I might have relapsed.  If that is not the case, he thinks there is some autoimmune problem or another infection occurring. There's something systemic going on.

My doctor wants me to do blood tests that would be sent to the University of Nevada. The tests would be able to tell us if the Lyme bacteria is just existing, or if it's active and causing problems again. I think it would also tell us if there are autoimmune problems. I also think that these are new tests that would be very promising in diagnosing Lyme and other immune problems. I've never had these tests done, so that's why I think it's new. We are just trying to figure out to send the blood to Nevada.

On Tuesday I saw a doctor at the clinic I've been going to here in Edmond. He's an anaesthesiologist and pain management doctor. He was unhappy with how the conventional medical world was running, so he started doing more natural treatments which led him to the clinic here. He also agrees that something systemic is going on. He is the one who recommended doing the IV laser therapy, and he actually knows the doctor who created the machine that they use.

I'm also starting on something that my doctor in Nevada sent me called Argentyn 23. It kills viruses and bacteria. The doctor at the clinic here also agreed that it is good for me to take, and he recommended that I take Silver Sol with the Argentyn 23.

So I've already started the Argentyn 23 and then I will start the Silver Sol once we get it. It'll take care of any bacteria or viruses that I have.

We're supposed to talk to my Lyme doctor again in a week or so, and then I'll see the anaesthesiologist/pain management doctor again in about a month.

I had my second laser IV today. It went well! I don't feel any different yet. Hopefully soon!


  1. Hi!
    Thanks for posting the encouraging scriptures on your blog. I have only just now stopped by and read the above entry, so I do not know all of your Lyme history, but I share the same reliance on the Lord as I deal with Lyme and coinfections in my life as well. I was curious, as I read about your bone pain above, have you been diagnosed/treated for Bartonella? Bone pain can be very common with Bart. Also, I am curious as to whether or not you are incorporating detox protocols as you treat the Lyme? I watched a very touching video not too long ago about a young woman who had Lyme and was treating for about 3 years, and although she would have times of getting better she would relapse and it was found that she was unable to detox on her own. They gave her some powder (according the what it looked like in the video) and after that her symptoms started to go. It wasn't that these symptoms were actually Lyme anymore, but that she needed to detox. I'm not sure if this helps you at all, but I thought I'd post it. If you are interested in the video I could try to find it and post it here for you to view.
    God Bless,