Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Please pray for Grayson

We met Grayson and his mom at the clinic in Nevada last year. It was funny because the first day I was there, I walked in and his mom recognized me from my blog! She had found my blog while researching Lyme!
Grayson and I always had to stay late at the clinic because of various reasons. Sometimes we would be at the clinic till 10pm with our doctor and nurses. Last year, Grayson and his mom were at the clinic for five or six months, so they were there the whole time we were. We spent 2 months together in Reno.

Grayson is very sick and is not doing well. He has Lyme and several other things. He and his mom are back in Reno at the clinic. Tomorrow, he will be put in a medicine induced coma for 10 days. The hope is to "reset" his brain during this time. Please pray for him and his mom. Pray for healing and strength. Also pray for answers. There is still a lot they need to figure out about his health. This treatment is very experimental and scary, but they are running out of options. Thank you for praying! I'll keep you updated.


  1. Oh goodness, praying, keep us posted x x

  2. Oh dear... I remember him from your blog last year! Praying...

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