Sunday, June 24, 2012

Update since pain management appointment!

So how have I been doing since my first pain management appointment and starting the new pain medicines? I've been doing pretty good! Last week I was able to do VBS, and one of friend's parents were out of town so she stayed with me last week! We also watched the Thunder games which went pretty late at night. I've been on the new pain medicine for about 12 days.

Tomorrow is my 2nd appointment with the pain management team. I've never been so excited for a doctor's appointment before! I really love these doctors.

Even though I've been able to do more since starting the new pain medicines, I've been having a lot of side effects from the extended release morphine, and it's not helping as much as I thought it would. I'm still having to take lots of extra medicine for breakthrough pain.

So tomorrow I will discuss this with the doctors and see what they want to do. It seems like the morphine is not helping enough to be worth taking because of all the side effects. But, it could just be that it will take longer for my body to adjust to this since I'm getting constant medicine. I've never taken anything like this so I'm not sure what's normal and what's not normal. They might decide to increase the dose, or just change to another medicine. Thankfully, they started me at the lowest dose, and we have tons of other medicines that we could try. At my first appointment they said that since I'm so sensitive to medicines, that if something isn't working or causing lots of side effects, we'll just start over and find something that will work. They said that it's not a big deal and we'll do whatever it takes to find a combination of medicines that work.

The goal is to get me to where I don't have to take extra medicine for breakthrough pain. We want to get to the point where I just need the long lasting medicine, which right now is the morphine, for my pain. But right now I'm still having to take a lot of the extra medicine.

The doctors will do whatever it takes to get my pain at the lowest level! I'm confident that we will be able to. It might just take a while to figure out what medicines will work best for me. I'm so thankful for these doctors!!!


  1. I'm so glad you are happy with your new team of doctors! I pray you have a great appointment!

  2. ^Seconded!

    You're so strong, Victoria! You're awesome!

  3. Good to hear that you find your pain management helpful to your condition. Actually, that’s really what are for – to help you bear and ease the pain that you’re experiencing. Anyway, how have you been lately? Are you still going for pain management? It would really be effective if it’s done in succession.