Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vacation Bible School!

This past week was VBS at church and I got to help! I was in a couple of the plays!

Before I got sick I was in plays and musicals. I did community musicals and then some at school. I took acting classes and voice lessons. I really miss performing! But I was so excited that they asked me to help with the VBS plays!

The theme of VBS this year was Jonah (You can run but you can't hide!). The first play I was in was a black light play. It was right before Jonah got swallowed by the whale! He had been thrown off the boat and was in the ocean. Our part of the play was the sea creatures under water!

This is what we had to wear for the black light play so we wouldn't be seen. Black pants, long sleeve shirt, socks, gloves, and a mask.

The whole outfit. We looked like ninjas!
I got to be the jellyfish! The pictures aren't very good because we were moving, but you get the idea. I'm the green jellyfish in the middle. There are two fishes on the left, a sting ray, then me, then a school of fish, a clam, and seaweed and coral. It's hard to see all of them in the pictures but they are there!

Then after the black light part, Jonah came and a whale chased him around. The whale was a balloon thing on sticks that people carried up and down the isles so it went by all the kids. It was huge and the kids loved it!

I didn't take this picture. I got it off facebook. That was right before the whale ate Jonah. 
The next day I was a villager in the town of Ninevah! It's hard to see me but I'm in the red dress. Sorry, the pictures are blurry.

It was so fun helping at VBS. I'm so glad I got to! Last week was a crazy week with VBS and then the NBA finals. Unfortunately the Thunder lost, but we are so proud of them! They've only been here for 4 years and already made it to the finals. They are so young, but so humble and respectful, even when they lose. When they came home yesterday, 5,000 people went to the airport to welcome them home. I love how they have united our state and country. A survey said that 49 out of the 50 states wanted the Thunder to win. The only state that didn't was Florida where Miami is. How amazing! We can't wait until next season!!

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