Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm not into politics, but this REALLY caught my attention. Romney has vowed to fight Lyme Disease and get funding for it since it's an epidemic and has absolutely NO funding at all. Here's what he said. "Clearly this disease is spreading throughout the nation. More needs to be done," We are left to pay for treatments out of pocket, travel across the country/world for treatments because doctors are getting their licenses taken away for treating it, we are having to research for ourselves and educate doctors, we are not even treated like human beings, and there is no funding to find a cure, or even a standard protocol. There is NO protocol at all. So we are left to make life saving decisions on our own. Decisions that will either save our lives, or make us sicker. Lyme is found in every state, and people that I know are dying from it because they can't afford treatment, and like me, we were diagnosed too late, and now it's neurological and has gotten into every organ, tissues, bones, joints, and even our heart, and brain. I also have at least 4 co-infections which sometimes are more dangerous than the Lyme bacteria. You almost always get more than one disease from a tick. This is all 100% preventable, but if it's not caught early, it is devastating and life threatening because it affects every part of the body. I'm so thankful that Lyme is starting to get attention, but please pray that people start to become aware of it and start to help get the funding and awareness it needs to find a cure and save lives.

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  1. Just found your blog... Our timelines are quite similar except that although I crashed in 2009 I wasn't diagnosed till 2010. I too had the disease for several years before the big crash.And I too travel quite far for treatment. Your blog is very inspiring! I haven't nearly read everything but thanks for allowing God to use you to inspire others! -andrea