Monday, January 21, 2013

Replying to comments

Well, I feel kind of dumb. I just realized how to reply to comments that people have left in the comment section...Lots of you have asked questions in the comments, and I've never realized that I can just reply to your comment there...I'm so sorry if you've left a comment asking a question and I haven't replied! Don't worry, it's not you, it's me. It probably seems like I don't want to answer your questions since I haven't replied to anyone; however, that is totally not the case at all! I just honestly didn't know how to reply to them. Now that I do, I am really looking forward to answering your questions and hopefully I am able to help you in some way.

I will try to go back and answer questions that you've asked in the past, but if you have a question and I don't reply, please ask me again in the comments of a recent post so I see it and can actually respond to it! I'm not sure how I will find the questions in the comments that you've asked before, so if you don't mind, it would really help me if you asked your question again on a recent post so that I can find it easier and reply to it!

I do read every comment and love them so much. They're so uplifting and encouraging to me! I really love hearing from all of you. Please keep leaving comments and asking questions since I now know how to reply! Seriously, when I'm having a bad day, I will go and just read your comments on my blog because they encourage me and remind me that God can use any situation for good. So your comments really mean a lot to me.

If you've never left a comment, I would love to hear from you! Where are all of you from? I'd love it if you left a comment and told me where you're from! I know I have readers on every continent except Antarctica! I would also love to know how you found my blog and if you told me your story!

Also, if you have emailed me directly and I haven't gotten back to you, I will try to very soon. I'm sorry that it takes me so long sometimes. Thank you for being patient with me!

So, once again, I'm so sorry if I haven't replied to one of your questions! I promise to do that now that I know how :)


  1. I cannot remember where my question was asked so.I.Will ask again. Your treatments seem to be all holistic and I wondered if you have ever tried the medical antibiotics treatments for Lyme.
    Oh, and thanks to your blog....when I was bitten by a tick last spring I jumped into action and called my doc who rx me some preventative antibiotics just in case the tick was infected.

    1. Thank you for asking again! Yes, I have tried antibiotics, oral and IV, but just didn't see improvement for me. I believe that people can get better either way, it just depends on what works for each person.
      I'm so happy to hear that you got treated immediately! Did your doctor think you were crazy for asking for antibiotics just because you had a tick bite or was he okay with it?

  2. surprisingly, I had no trouble getting a rx. I called them a couple days after when I started feeling "off". they asked good questions and ccalled me in a script. the tick was not on me long...a couple.hours which is "ok" per everything I read.....but the fact that I felt.odd was enough for.all of us to be proactive.