Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2 ER trips

Prayer warriors, would you please pray for me? I was in the ER Friday due to an episode with my heart. I have dysautonomia and inappropriate tachycardia which means my heart rate is way too fast and my autonaumic nervous system doesn't function correctly. I was started on beta blockers to try and help lower my heart rate, but on Friday I passed out and my heart rate was very high. I was also having chest pain and was shaking a lot. I was at my friend's house when it happened so they took me to the heart hospital and my parents met us there. In the ER, they got my heart rate down with IV fluids. They stuck me 8 times before they got an IV and even had to use an ultrasound machine to find a vein! So it took 8 tries, an ultrasound machine, and 4 nurses. 

They monitored me and sent me home once my heart rate was down and my cardiologist said I could go. 

I did fine Saturday, but I had another episode on Sunday afternoon. I didn't pass out but my heart rate was very high and I was shaking and had chest pain. Since we knew what was happening, we didn't go to the ER. We tried to get it down with my heart medicine and rest. 

First thing yesterday (Monday) morning, I called my cardiologist. They wanted me to come in that afternoon. My cardiologist decided to increase my heart medicine to see if that would help stop these episodes. I was supposed to go home and take the increased dose, so that's what I did. They also wanted me to take another medicine that would make me sleepy so I slept for a couple hours yesterday after I got home and took the medicines. 

When I woke up from my nap yesterday, I didn't feel well. I got up to go to the bathroom and on the way back to the living room, I yelled to my mom that I didn't feel well, but I didn't finish my sentence because I passed out. I passed out in our hallway which has concrete floors, so I hit my head and body hard when I fell. Apparently while I was still unconscious, I started shaking and my mom thought I was having a seizure. I woke up on the floor but passed out again very soon and kept shaking. This happened several times. When I finally realized what was going on, I was being put in the car to go to the hospital. 

At the hospital they were worried that I injured my head when I fell so they wanted a CT scan. They did blood work, a blood sugar check, an EKG, and then the head CT scan. Everything came back normal, praise God! With as hard as I fell, it's incredible that I didn't hurt anything! Everything hurt, but it wasn't broken or anything! 

They decided that the increase in my heart medicine made me get sick and then pass out, so that's what happened. They talked to my cardiologist who said to keep taking the increased dose of my beta blocker for my heart. They said it could take a couple of weeks for my body to get used to the new dose of medicine so I have to be really careful until I get used to it. I got to come home last night after they watched me for a while and my cardiologist said I was okay to go home since I didn't hurt myself when I fell on the concrete. 

I'm doing well today, just sore and worn out so I've just been resting. I have to be careful when I get up to make sure that I don't pass out again. I'm so thankful that I wasn't home alone when it happened and that I didn't hurt myself any worse than I did. And it only took 4 tries to get an IV in last night at the hospital  so that's better than 8 tries! 

Please pray that my body handles the medicine change and that I get used to it very soon. Please also pray that the medicine stops these episodes of my heart racing and me passing out. 

God is good all the time and all the time God is good! "My flesh and my heart may fail, but GOD is the strength of my heart and my portion forever" Psalm 73:26

In other news, last Thursday I walked a half of a mile on the treadmill in 9 minutes and did some weightlifting!!!!! I'm pretty proud of doing that!!!!

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