Saturday, September 20, 2014

Treatment in Nevada

Today my mom and I are leaving to go to Reno, Nevada where my Lyme doctor is! We will be there a couple of weeks while I receive treatments. 

We are going to try and figure out more about my seizures. Since my last post, I've had 3 more ER trips because of seizures. Last Wednesday I was taken by ambulance because I was unconscious for so long after multiple seizures that wouldn't stop. They finally got them stopped in the hospital. 

I thought I'd answer some questions I've gotten about our trip! 

Are you flying or driving?  We are flying. The drive is 24 hours without stopping and I just can't handle that right now. 

Where are you staying?  We are staying in a hotel in Reno that's close to the clinic. 

How long will you be there? The plan is just a couple of weeks but we don't know for sure. 

Why do you have to travel to Nevada for treatments?  No doctors here in Oklahoma know anything about Lyme. When I was taken by ambulance to the hospital last week, the ER doctor was convinced I didn't have Lyme and therefore, he wouldn't treat me at all. He believes Lyme doesn't exist here, so he wouldn't treat me, even as I was seizing. So we left and went to another hospital where I was immediately taken to a room because they said they needed to stop my seizures ASAP, no matter the reason for them. The doctor actually treated me like a person and didn't want to argue the politics of Lyme. 

Another reason we go to Nevada is because of the doctor that's there. He is so good and caring and so is his staff. My doctor will just randomly text or call to check on me! They are like family to us. When I was in the hospital last Wednesday, he called to check on me, even when he didn't have to. He is the most hard working, devoted doctor we have ever seen. He works long days just to try and help his patients. I'm so thankful for he and his staff! 

I will try and update as much as I can while we're gone! 

I have an EEG Monday morning and see my doctor after that and then see another specialist on Wednesday so we will be busy! 

Please be pray for our trip and that we can stop these seizures! God is good! 

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