Thursday, October 2, 2014

The best doctors!

I have THE BEST doctors at the clinic in Nevada! 

 On Wednesday, September 24th, my seizures wouldn't stop despite many different medicines, so my doctors decided that I needed to stay overnight at the clinic (this very rarely happens. The clinic closes around 6pm every night and no one stays overnight). So Wednesday there were FOUR doctors (every doctor that works there) who stayed with me all night at the clinic. It was my main Lyme doctor (who will just randomly call to check on me even when I'm home, he's so caring and devoted), 2 Neurophysiologists, each with their own speciality, and then the critical care doctor. We all stayed in the critical care room because there are hospital beds in there. So my doctors all took shifts to make sure someone was always watching me. But for a couple of hours it was like the show, House MD. All 4 docs were brainstorming, trying to figure out how to get the seizures to stop because now they are every day, most of the day. So they all stayed up all night to monitor me, give meds to try and stop the seizures, and just brainstorm on treatment plans. Around 7:30am, they got up and started their day, and they didn't even get to go home, they just started another day of work. How INCREDIBLE is it that 4 doctors gave up their night and sleep just so that they could be with me and make sure I was ok. They could have easily sent me to the hotel so that they could go home to sleep. THIS is why we come to the clinic here in Nevada. They do not give up until they find answers and they really, really care. Im so blessed. Almost every time I seize, there's almost always one of the doctors holding my hand, singing to me, and staying with me until it's over. Thank you God for giving me such great doctors! 

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