Friday, December 5, 2014

Diagnosed 6 years ago continued...

Here are more pictures of my journey since I was diagnosed 6 years ago

So many scans 

Look how high the bed goes! We played with it for a long time. I was in the hospital because of severe abdominal pain and was having exploratory surgery 

My good friend Anne at the clinic in Nevada. So thankful for her! 

Going home from one of my surgeries 

Me sweet dog doesn't understand that it's not okay to jump on my stomach after abdominal surgery 

Another ER trip. They were really crowded and put me in a weird room where they put people if there's a chemical spill or something like that

This was in the hospital in Reno, Nevada. I got a staph infection in my port that was MRSA, so I was immediately admitted to the hospital and started on strong IV antibiotics. The day after I was admitted I had emergency surgery to take the port out. They would have done the surgery sooner, but they needed to make sure I was stable enough to handle surgery with how bad the infection was.

 You can kinda see the infection starting around my port 

Having fun at the clinic! I was getting my hair done!

2nd PICC line that I had for 8 weeks to receive the IV antibiotics for the staph infection

My poor hand was so swollen and bruised from all the IV tries before my PICC line

I'm allergic to the tape to hold the PICC line in place, and allergic to what they have to clean it with so I get really bad hives and it swells up really big 

My 3rd PICC line that was put in at the hospital in Nevada in September when we were there

Getting me hooked up to an EEG which measures brain waves and other things. We were trying to find a cause for my seizures, and we did!

Doctors looking at my EEG while I was seizing.

My Lyme doctor holding my hand during my constant seizures. He's the best 

This wasn't fun

Or this. There's nothing like an IV in the knuckle

3rd PICC line

So many monitors and IVs

Getting ready to take my 3rd PICC line out at the clinic in Nevada in September of this year

And it's out!

This is what a PICC line looks like and how far it goes in to your heart! Pretty cool. It goes all the way past the nurse's hand with the glove on and right to where my heart is

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