Thursday, November 19, 2009

A little worried...

I just got home from the sleep specialist. He was very nice and helpful! We went through my story and he diagnosed me with restless leg syndrome. I am sleeping longer, but it's not restful sleep. So he is putting me on Neurontin. It is really an anti-seizure medicine that changes chemicals in the body. It will hopefully help with sleep, restless leg, pain, and a few other problems. Once I get up to a dose that works for me, I will be taken of the Amitriptyline.
My blood pressure is always 90/72 or around there. My pulse is usually 100 which is really high. For the past month I can feel my pulse when I'm still and my pulse has been 120 or so. Today my pulse went from 145 to 130 and moved back and forth around a lot. The doctor got really scared. I thought he was going to send me to the hospital. He called my primary care doctor to tell him so we'll see what he does.
My lab results showed that something with my iron is low. He's putting me on iron pills. He said that it can upset your stomach which is bad because I'm already nauseous. So if makes me too sick he said I would be put in the hosptial and get IV iron. Hopefully it won't come that.
So please be praying that my heartrate is not serious and that I can stay out of the hosptial.


  1. Ramp up on Neurontin pretty slowly. :O Helpful hint.

  2. Yeah I'm starting at 100mg then if I don't have any side effects I will go up to 200mg in 5 days and go up slowly. We'll see how it goes!