Thursday, December 3, 2009

My journey video!

A year ago today I was diagnosed and started treatment. Here's the video I made about my journey! There's music so make sure and turn that on.


  1. Amazing video of your journey! Even with all that is going on, you are such a strong person, and that is sooo admirable. You have the best attitude about life. It really got me thinking about areas in my life that I could think differently about. Thank you! Sending thoughts and prayers your way from another Oklahoman. :)

  2. IT WAS YOU! HA! I thought that was in you in Adora, but I didn't want to say something. Actually, I was about 99.5% it was you. I recognized your mom, since I have Landon in JL. I happy you were able to make it to Adora last night. I feel that we can say we've officially met each other. :)