Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I just love going to the doctor. Love it!

So maybe the title isn't true. But you sure would think I like it since I'm there all the time. Yesterday I woke up and there was a lump on the bottom of my foot. As the day went on, it got more painful and harder to walk. When I woke up today, the lump was bigger and discolored. It was a lot more painful and I can't walk on it. Since the doctors will be closed for the holiday, my parents decided to take me in today. The doctor was very nice! I had an
xray of my foot and it didn't really show anything. So she didnt really know what it was. It could be a cyst or something else. She gave me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory, as well as some inserts for my shoes. We also told her about my other cyst they found in the ER and how it's not really getting any better. She pressed on places on my stomach and I about screamed! It hurt so much! She scheduled an altrasound for a month from now to see how the cyst is doing. We're praying the anti-inflammatory helps the lump so I can walk again without trouble. One of the nurses at the doctor saw me and said,"you're here again?". I just laughed and said yes.


  1. That's how I feel this month about the doctor. I feel like I'm going to walk into Urgent Care and they're going to recognize me (which is unusual at an Urgent Care b.c there are different doctors and nurses everytime I go)

  2. Ouch! Keep reading the psalm at the side of your blog; your spirit is incredible.