Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not much to update!

I'm sorry for not updating more. There hasn't been anything to update really. I've just been hanging out at home having a blast! Well maybe not that last part, but I have been stuck at home. I did go on a car ride to Sonic the other day which was great!
I'm still having pain from the cyst and general tiredness. But it's not been too bad. I've tried getting off the pain medicine because you know how I really hate taking it, but the cyst is still causing too much pain. I haven't been sleeping well ever since coming home from the hospital. I don't know if it's the pain medicine or what.
This weekend a few of my friends including my cousin came to see me! That was so much fun. I was worn out after they left. Then on Saturday another one of my cousins came over while her parents were at a game! We played on the wii and she did my hair and make-up. It was fun.
Last night my family and I went to my grandparent's house up the street to see my great-grandma(dad's grandma)! She will be here for a few weeks which will be great!
Tonight is the high school Bible study with the youth group so I'm going to try and go to that. Usually it's a small group which shouldn't be too overwhelming. It's hard going from not leaving the house for weeks, to somewhere with so many people with lots of energy.
I will try to start updating more!

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