Tuesday, May 17, 2011

another update

Like i said, i went to the ER Wednesday. Thursday was a pretty good day. I just rested.

Thursday night i did not sleep well at all. My body felt restless and would shake. I took several baths to try and stop it and that worked for a while.

When i went downstairs around 11 Friday morning i still felt that way. My dad went to the store to get baking soda and Epsom salts. If you mix 3 cups of Epsom salts and 1 cup of baking soda in your bath, it helps detox and draw out toxins.

The next thing i knew, my jaw locked and was locked so hard that it was making my mouth bleed. Then, my arms, hands, and legs locked up. It looked like i was having a stroke.

We rushed to our primary care doctor. I had no shoes and was in my pajamas. When they saw me, they told us to go straight to the ER. They were going to call an ambulance but decided we could just go. I was so scared because i knew it looked like a stroke. My vision got blurry and i was just so scared.

We got to the hospital and they immediately knew what was wrong. It was a severe allergic reaction to medicine they gave me Wednesday night in the ER.

They got an iv started and gave me iv benadryll and ativan. It was amazing how fast it stopped everything. It started coming back after a while so they gave me more, plus a nerve medicine. I forgot what it's for. They said that these kind of reactions are so scary cause your whole body cramps and hurts. My hands and toes actually curled up too. It felt like my throat was closing up.

After the second dose of medicine, we got to go home. I was never taken to a room, they did everything in the waiting room because i needed the medicine fast. We were so shocked at how the medicines helped immediately. The reaction also causes nausea and a few other random things.

They told me to stay on benadryll even in the middle of the night for several days.

Saturday i woke up with the same problems. It wasn't as bad as Friday, but was getting worse so we went back to the hospital. Once they got me to a room, they did the benadryll and ativan and some pain and nausea medicine.

That's all i remember. Then i went crazy from the ativan. Apparently i thought i was in Disney world. I tried using my hand as a phone. My family has been telling me everything i did and its so funny. I do remember crying because they were laughing at me. Haha it's hilarious.

Sunday, My family went to church while i rested at home. A few hours later, the reaction happened again. It was so scary. We rushed to the hospital and waited a year before they took me to a room. They did the usual ativan and benadryll which helped a lot. It wore off quickly so i had to have another dose.

Im also on another medicine with the benadryll to keep things under control.

Ever since Wednesday, everything has been a blur, probably from a the medicine.

So i have now been to the ER 4 times since Wednesday. The nurses know me and are very helpful.

Thank you for the prayers!!!! I have several posts going around in my head, so i will try and post more. My eyes are just blurry which makes it hard to write.


  1. Do you know how amazing you are?

    I cannot begin to explain how much admiration I have for you for being so strong about all of this. I'm so grateful for the team you have looking out for you. Praying xxx

  2. And yet the tone in which you write is still so positive and uplifting. I agree with the person above. You are amazing. I hope you know it.