Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life lately

Most of my friends are on the high school mission trip in Memphis this week, so I've just been hanging out. I went to church on Sunday but then came home because I wasn't feeling the best. I haven't been sleeping too well, so that's probably why.

I went to the doctor today to talk about several things. On Sunday night, my back and leg started hurting a lot and went numb. We suspected that it is my sciatic nerve and doctor said she agrees. I'm on a strong anti-inflammatory and am stretching to try and help it. I'm still having shooting pains down my leg and it goes numb a lot.

She said that I can go up on the Amitriptyline(sleep/pain medicine) to try and get me sleeping better. We have been taking things slow with medicine since the ICU episode.

My mom has accessed my port since I got it almost 2 years ago. She was taught by the home care nurses and has done it ever since! A couple weeks ago she tried to access my port because it was time to flush it with saline and heparin so that it doesn't get a blood clot, and she couldn't get it in. The port kept moving around and after a couple of unsuccessful tries, we gave up. It hurt a lot and it doesn't usually do that. So I asked the doctor today if someone there could try it, but no one was comfortable doing it. They are going to send out home health nurses as soon as possible to come access it. 

Tomorrow I am going to start training with a personal trainer. She goes to church with us, and will help me start building up my strength. I'm not really sure about what we will be doing, but it will be good to start that!

I've been looking for dorm stuff and my roommate and I have gotten our bedding and a few other things! It's so exciting!!!!

"So do not fear, for I am with you; 
   do not be dismayed, for I am your God. 
I will strengthen you and help you; 
   I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10

This is a song by Peter Furler that I love!

" You hold the weight of the world 
Still I don't slip through Your hands 
Your love is bigger 
Than just a notion built by man 
I fall again and again, 
But you whisper, “You're still mine.” 
You feel the pain of the world, 
But you never push mine aside. 

And You reach for me 
With a love that quiets all my fears 
And You reach for me 
Like a Father wipes away the tears 
So many people in this world, 
But I hear You calling out my name. 
You reach for me. 
Now I'm never gonna be the same. 

You know all of my fears 
There's nothing Your eyes can't see. 
When I tried to give up, 
Lord, You never gave up on me. 
I give You all of my hopes and dreams, 
I lay them down. 
Of all the place I've looked, 
You're the one truth I have found. 


You hold the weight of the world, 
Still I don't slip through Your hands. 
You put the stars in the sky. 
You know every grain of sand. 


You reach for me. 
For me."

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