Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quick information about what a wonderful day tomorrow will be!

Camp was amazing! I will post more about it tomorrow or Monday. BUT I wanted to post about tomorrow. My brother Landon who is 13 has decided to be baptized tomorrow!!!!!! So tomorrow morning at church he will put on Christ in baptism! Usually our church has 2 services on Sunday mornings, but for the month of July we are just doing one service on Sunday mornings. We're getting ready for Missions Sunday which is next week. I'll explain more about that later. So all that to say, with just one service, the auditorium is packed full and it's such an uplifting time of worship and praise. I'm so excited!!!

Tomorrow afternoon, someone is hosting a graduation reception for me at church! Everyone is invited to come so email me ( if you want more details!! It will be a big day for our family tomorrow. Landon is making the best decision of his life, and we didn't know if I would ever get a graduation celebration since we didn't know if I would be able to graduate and finish high school from home!

There will be lots of rejoicing and celebrating tomorrow!


  1. Awesome!!!!! What an amazing day you are going to have! Congratulations to Landon on his amazing decision - I LOVE baptisms!! And that's so great that you get to have a graduation celebration too! Woooo what a great day for your family! Enjoy!!

  2. SO excited for you and your brother! Have fun!