Friday, August 12, 2011

Disney World

Our trip was great! It rained almost everyday which sometimes cooled it down. I even had to buy a sweatshirt and wear it several nights! We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which is supposed to be like African safari hotel. There are savannas with animals around the hotel and a couple of amazing restaurants. When you get to the hotel you can smell Boma which is the best hotel with African foods. A lot of the people who work at the hotel are actually from Africa which is really neat! It is our favorite hotel. 

Part of our hotel

View from our room

Hotel pool

Tigger and I

Panoramic view from our room



They have amazing desserts there

at the Animal Kingdom park there is a safari where you're in a real safari truck

Magic Kingdom


Hotel lobby window

Hotel lobby

I'm so glad that we got to go! I got to do most things that I wanted to! I was in a wheelchair at the parks so that I could last longer, so that was good. There were only a couple nights that I stayed at the hotel while my family stayed out late at the parks. It was nice though, I just sat on the balcony and read. I did a lot though! 

The last several nights that we were there, there was someone very important staying down the hall from us. Our whole hall was filled with security. There were extra cameras set up with cords that ran to the room next to ours where some security people were staying. Security people were in almost every single room around us. I don't think there were any normal people around us. We never figured out who was staying there! They left the day that we did too. It was crazy though! 

We got back Thursday morning around 2 and it was back to reality. I had physical therapy yesterday and today. It was great to get away on vacation for a while!

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  1. The photos look great, especially that panoramic one - wow, what a view! I'm glad you were able to go and had such a good time!