Thursday, August 4, 2011

Interesting day and vacation!

I probably won't post for a week or so since we are leaving for vacation! We are so excited!!

We are leaving in a couple of hours and it has already been an interesting day!
Through out the past 2 weeks, we have been trying to find somewhere that can access my port for me. My primary care doctor has been helping us and we've just not been able to find anywhere. They finally called this morning and told me to go to the hospital for them to access it!

I went by myself since I thought I would be in and out of there really fast. I had to check in at Admitting and think hmm does this mean I'm being admitted to outpatient? The answer is yes. They gave me bracelet and sent me to the outpatient area. When I got called back, they took me to a room in what looks like the pre-op area. People there are getting ready for endoscopy's, colonoscopies, and other procedures like that. I thought it was a little strange that I was there. The nurse that took my vitals said that people are there for outpatient procedures, infusions, and pain management.

I was put in my room and got a warm blanket and coke and was having a nice little time. I got to listen to people on Valium getting ready for their procedures, and was just making the most of being there. If you have to be there, you might as well get warm blankets, coke with crushed ice, and the opportunity to listen to people on pre surgery drugs!

Then, the lady at the check-in desk comes running back and asked if they accessed my port yet. I said no, and she began to explain that insurance won't let me be there to have my port accessed. Uh what? I'm already checked in and everything. Apparently, the people who scheduled it for me, didn't know that insurance wouldn't cover it. It would have cost at least $1500 out of pocket, plus a fine for being there. After lots of phone calls between my mom and the people who scheduled it, I just had to leave. The nurse cancelled the order and I left. I was there for a good hour before insurance decided I couldn't be there.

It was quite a morning. Now we are getting ready to leave for vacation in a couple hours! Who gets to go to the hospital and go on vacation on the same day?! That would be me! When we get back from our trip, I will have to go to a hospital that my insurance will let me go to, and go through that whole process again. I hope they'll give me warm blankets and coke with crushed ice!

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  1. Your attitude blows me away every time. You're amazing. Have a great holiday!!