Sunday, September 25, 2011

Surgery and recovery

I apologize if some of this doesn't make sense. I'm just a little out of it.

On Monday morning we headed to the hospital around 5:15. When we got to the hospital, we were the only patients there! We filled out paperwork in the waiting room while laughing with the staff that was there. The hospital is arranged strange. The ORs are in the middle of the building. So to get from the waiting room to pre-op and recovery, you have to go up to the second floor to the back and then down to the first floor.

Once in pre-op my nurses came in and one of them was my nurse for my last surgery in December! It was really funny because she came in and said, "you all look familiar".

Then I said as I was laughing, "actually I have a picture of you from my last surgery...". We all started laughing so much! My grandparents knew the other nurse which was crazy!

Once they started my IV they gave me Tylenol through it. We didn't know that they could do that! It was just a bottle of Tylenol. They started me on IV antibiotics too.

The anesthesiologist came to talk to us and was very nice. He answered our questions and was great! I got 5 out of the 8 nausea medicines that I could get. They also gave me Benedryll during surgery to help counteract the reaction to the cleaning things they have to use before surgery.

A PA from my surgeons office was there too which was great! I've seen her a lot at the office if the main doctor is busy. She was in my last surgery too. The surgeon came in and everything was ready to go.

They didn't give me any kinda of relaxation drugs before they took me to the OR so I really remember it. I crawled onto the operating table while the nurses got everything ready. They put monitors all over me while we were talking. It seemed like I was awake forever! Then my hand started to burn where the IV was and I started getting sleeping. That's all I remember!

The surgery was a little over an hour. I woke up in recovery hurting so much. Usually my parents are allowed to come back when I'm awake, but they wouldn't let them this time. I kept asking where my parents were and why I couldn't see them. The anesthesiologist came back in to adjust some meds because I was hurting a lot.

I started feeling better and asked for a coke. The nurse brought me one and I started to drink it. She left the room again real quick and I decided I needed more to drink, so I started to pour the coke from the can into the cup. The problem was that there was a lid on the cup and I didn't realize she comes back in to me pouring the coke everywhere...I think I started crying and apologizing. She was laughing and now I laugh at it! I can just see myself doing that.

I got dressed and then was taken out to meet my parents at the car. We got home sometime mid morning I think. I slept a lot on Monday when I got home.

I'm doing well right now. I'm still swollen and have little rashes from where they had to use cleaning things that I'm allergic to. Yesterday and today I walked a little. I'm still having pain, but it's only been 6 days since surgery so it will take time. I can mostly get up on my own now, but sometimes still need help. It's a workout just to get up!

In the surgery, they found endometriosis and took all that out. I have 3 incisions from this surgery. We could not be happier with the nurses at that hospital and my surgeon! They are wonderful.

I'm so thankful for all your prayers. Please keep praying that I will continue to get stronger and pain free.


  1. I'm glad it went okay and you're starting to build your strength back up!

  2. I'm praying for you, sweet girl!

    (radicalJanelle on twitter)