Monday, October 3, 2011

"Surgery Brain"

Something really funny happened today...

Today I got to go to my English class! I got there early to talk to the teacher. On my way in, I gave a thank you note to the secretary of the department. She is so sweet and sent me a package in the mail with candy, a card, and a beautiful notepad. This morning before leaving my house I wrote her a thank you note and put in my bag.

My teacher and I were done talking and as we were walking to the classroom, the secretary stopped me and said in the sweetest voice,
"Victoria I think you gave me the wrong card. This one is blank."

I started laughing and so did all of us! Apparently I took a blank card to her and left her card at home...

I told her today was the first day that I've gotten out of the house and well you know, I'm just a little out of it.

She and my teacher said they will give me 2 more weeks to let everything slide by because of my "surgery brain". So for 2 more weeks I can get by with anything!!

We all had a good laugh! I'm still laughing. Maybe next time I'm remember to take her a thank you note with words on it!!

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