Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Never boring!

This week I am not lacking in things to post! Wow. It's been a week that I won't ever forget. Let's review.

A week and a half ago, my parents left for Costa Rica for a missions conference. While they were gone, I helped take care of my brother. A week ago today, my brother flew down to Guatemala with a group from church. My dad met them at the airport in Guatemala while my mom stayed in Costa Rica for the rest of the conference. My dad, brother, and the rest of the group were on a medical mission trip.

So last Tuesday I dropped my brother off with the group and all the sudden I was so sick. I hadn't been feeling well since Sunday but all the sudden I got sicker. I went to my primary care by myself. Found out I have the flu. Fever of 101, fast heart rate, chills, body pain, headache, nauseous and very dehydrated. As soon as I left I dropped my prescriptions off and went to my grandparents. Told them I needed fluids so off we went. Went to one after hours clinic and they didn't do fluids. Went to another one and they did do fluids, but the doctor was stupid so we left with no fluids. So we went to the hospital. I got 2 liters of fluid, nausea and pain meds, and benedryll. Had the best doctor and nurse. Felt wonderful after I had a little fluid and meds! Finally after 6 hours I got to go home.

Spent the rest of the week resting at home with lots of meds. Friday night my aunt stayed with me. Around 2:30 am Saturday, I was peacefully sleeping in my room upstairs. Then, the house started shaking! I wasn't sure if it was an earthquake OR me hallucinating from pain meds. That has happened before. In Nevada this spring, we were staying at Lake Tahoe for the weekend and there was a blizzard. The heater in our hotel was so loud. The whole night I was convinced that there was an avalanche thanks to the morphine. Our hotel was at the bottom of the mountains so it made perfect sense. It's so funny to think about now but I was TERRIFIED the whole night.

Back to Saturday morning. I finally realized that it was an actual earthquake so I flew down the stairs. My aunt was awake waiting for me to come down. We watched the tv and got on facebook since every one was on there. The earthquake was a magnitude 4.7. We finally calmed down enough to go back to sleep. There were a dozen small earthquakes all day that we didn't feel.

Saturday night, my mom called to say that her plane had landed and she would be home soon. Around 11pm, just a few minutes after she called, we had the biggest earthquake in the history of Oklahoma. My aunt and I were in my living room which has 2 walls of windows. When it started, we jumped up and ran out of the room. I thought the windows were going to break. The shaking went on for what seemed like forever. All the phone lines weren't working cause so many people were trying to call people. The earthquake was a 5.8.

Before the Haiti earthquake, we never felt earthquakes here. We had small ones, but never felt them. We started feeling them after the Haiti one and they started getting bigger. There's a fault several miles east of us.

Sunday we had lots of earthquakes but I didn't feel any of them.

My dad and brother got home yesterday afternoon from Guatemala. It was raining all day. Last night the storms got really bad. There was flooding, tornados, lightening, and thundering. Then, we had another 4.7 earthquake. All at the same time!

Today there are several schools closed because of flooding or earthquake damage. I got an email that my Bible class room at school is flooded.

We are all fine. My brother is home with nausea, probably something he got in Guatemala. So we are having quite a party today with me still recovering from the flu. It's been a very crazy week.

Several people posted this picture on facebook. It is perfect!

So the earthquakes really have caused that much damage. But with all the facebook posts and everyone getting excited, you would think that it is the worst thing ever. We just aren't used to earthquakes so it's a big deal!

That's all the excitement I have to share at the moment!


  1. I can't believe you get earthquakes in Oklahoma! Crazy! Glad you all are ok, and hope you are feeling better.