Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It's been a crazy 24 hours. I went to 3 different doctors doctors yesterday because I was feeling horrible. I first went to my primary care doctor who said that I have a flu like virus. I couldn't eat or drink because of the nausea, I had a 101 degree fever, and my body and head hurt so bad. 

After I left the doctor, I went to an after hours clinic to get fluids because I was very dehydrated and IV fluids help my body pain. The doctor there thought too highly of herself and decided without even examining me that I didn't need fluids. Actually she is just a P.A. so she isn't even a real doctor. She made me feel stupid for even being there. So we left since she was not going to do anything because I was "fine". So off to the ER we went. 

We had to wait for over 2 hours to been seen. While we were waiting in the waiting room they took me to do a chest xray and drew blood to speed up the process. Once in my room, the nurses and doctor came in. My nurse just graduated from the nursing program at Oklahoma Christian so I enjoyed talking to her! I've had the doctor that was there before and he is GREAT! He is so calm and humble, unlike the doctor at the after hours clinic. He agreed that I have a nasty flu virus. I was given 2 IV bags, which is 2 liters of fluid. Obviously that means that I was very dehydrated. I really wanted to go back to the P.A. at the after hours clinic and tell her how dehydrated and sick I really was. They gave me nausea and pain meds too. Pretty soon after the IV fluids were started, I started feeling a lot better. I'm sure that also had to do with the morphine and nausea medicine! I also got benedryll because the pain medicine made me itch a lot. After 6 hours in the ER I got to go home! By then I was feeling great! It's amazing how fast I started feeling better. By the time we got home and settled it was 2am. 

Today I'm feeling better. I still have a low grade fever and am hurting and nauseous, but that's to be expected because of the virus. I ate some soup today and have been trying to drink a lot so I don't get dehydrated again. I'm staying on top of the pain and nausea with the medicine they gave me. The only thing to do is treat the symptoms and let the virus run its course. I think the worst is over and I should just get better from here. 

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  1. You amaze me every time you post. You're so inspiring!! I'm glad you're on the mend :) x