Thursday, January 12, 2012

School and treatments.

Wow. It has been an interesting week. I started the antibiotics for bronchitis a week ago yesterday. By Thursday, I started having more joint pain, fatigue, and weakness. I didn't realize that Zithromax is used to kill Lyme too. Thankfully I had meds left over from various things to help the symptoms.

All I did from Wednesday until Monday was nothing. I did a couple of IVs over the weekend. I was supposed to move back into the dorms over the weekend. I had been trying to figure what classes to take and all that, and by Monday I knew that I just couldn't do what I had planned. We decided that I would stay at home this semester and only take one class. Obviously that is a very hard decision, but I know it's the right choice. The class that I am taking is Bible with the same teacher I had last semester! It's on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Yesterday I also got signed up for another online Bible Class. Since I go to a Christian College, we are required to take a certain amount of Bible classes to graduate. This semester will add 4 hours of Bible! If I can handle those classes okay, I might take another online class from a community college and it will count towards my degree at Oklahoma Christian.

Yesterday I also moved my stuff out of the dorms. I had a car full of things to take home. My roommate and our neighbor helped me move out. They helped so much. Thankfully I had brought a lot home over the break, so I didn't have all of my stuff there since I hadn't moved back in yet. So now I am officially living off campus.

My parents talked to my Lyme doctor in Reno Tuesday night. This fall I've had some weird symptoms come up such as my skin hurting, swollen and painful lymph nodes, and lots of allergic reactions to things. My doctor said that everything is due to my body being too toxic. The reason that I've gotten sinus infections, the flu, and bronchitis are because my immune system can't fight anything because of all the toxins. The reason that I'm hurting so much, so weak, and just feeling crummy is because my body is overwhelmed with toxins. The fast heart rate, shakiness, fatigue, leg numbness, rashes, neuropothy are all from the built up toxins.

Today I started treatments again at a clinic here that does some of the same things that I do in Reno, such as detox foot baths and lymphatic drainage. Today I just did the detox foot bath. I know that sounds relaxing and all, but it's really not. Detoxing stirs up everything and makes you feel very sick. I know I will have to get worse before I get better.

I will write a post about the treatments I will do at this clinic later. I'm not feeling very well from today's treatment so I'll post more about it later! I'm done with the antibiotics, but they stay in my system for another week, so we're hoping once those get out of my system I will start to feel a little better and not be in as much pain. I'm also fixing to do IV fluids once home health delivers the supplies!

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  1. You. are. amazing.

    Sorry you had to move out of the dorms. Hopefully it will be helpful for you though and I'm glad you're still able to do some classes even if not all of them.

    Lots of love x x x