Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Birthday Celebrations!

My birthday on Sunday was great!! We went to church Sunday morning and then out to eat with my family. We went to a Brazilian restaurant for lunch! It's a fun little cafe place with traditional Brazilian food and drinks. There's an amazing painting of Rio.

They have the best drink called Guarana. It's a fruity soda and is my favorite! 
They also have the best cheese bread. 

After lunch I came back home to rest for several hours. 

Sunday night I went out to eat with my friends! I also got the best birthday present! Rebecca got to go with us!!!

We went to Olive Garden and had a great time.

Alex, Katherine, me, Kailey, Rebecca, Hannah
After we ate, everyone came back to my house to hang out. We hung out until 10:30! It was a perfect day!!

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  1. Happy Birthday! We share a birth-month. My birthday was on February 6th, I am 52.

    I've had Lyme for 25 years (as best as we can tell). Victoria, your faith is uplifting and encouraging. That is another thing we have in common.

    I am my happiest when spending time with my Lord. Many years ago I attended seminary to become a Chaplain. Then I became so ill that I couldn't do much of anything. Six months ago I began treatment for Lyme & Babesiosis. Wow, it can be tough at times.

    Regardless of how tough it is, I find my faith growing and I didn't think that was possible. I have always been a dedicated believer and speak with Jesus and God as though my waking hours are a prayer.

    The beauty of this is that I have been called to go back into Chaplain work. I am taking a class now to brush up on techniques, etc. and will Chaplain in a local hospital and hospice.

    You will remain in my prayers and an inspiration to many. Thank you.