Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quick update

I'll write more hopefully tomorrow, but here's what's been going on. Last Wednesday night we talked to my Lyme doctor in Nevada. Thursday I went to my primary care doctor to get a steroid shot and a 5 day steroid pack to see if that will give me some pain relief. That is at the recommendation of my Lyme doctor.

Saturday night we had to go to the ER once again because of the pain. I developed a cold on Friday and that made everything worse. The pain Saturday was the worst I've had in a while. I got the usual medicines in the hospital plus IV steroids.

Tomorrow I'm going to see a doctor who is an anesthesiologist, but works at the clinic I go to here that does homeopathic treatments. He does pain management. The kind of treatment I might do is done with lasers. I'll explain more about that after we meet with him.


  1. I hope you feel better soon and get some relief. I also hope you don't have to see the inside of an ER for a long time