Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Prayer Request

I am blessed to have SO many prayer warriors! You all bring me to tears with your comments, prayers, emails, and support. I know you are always there for me and pray for me.

Today I come asking for prayers for one of my dear friends, Alisa, and her husband, Jaime.

I've been so blessed to get to know Alisa, even though it's been through our shared journey with Lyme. She is incredible and is such a light to everyone! Alisa was told that she most likely wouldn't be able to get pregnant (like many with Lyme), but earlier this year they found out that they were expecting!

But around their 12 or 13 week ultrasound, they found out that their baby boy would not survive long outside of her womb because of Anencephaly, and that God would take him home shortly after birth. The doctors said that most mothers terminate the pregnancy after this diagnosis, but Alisa and her husband, Jaime, put their trust in God to see them through this journey, however long they might have with their baby boy. Their strength is incredible. Here is what Alisa said,
"I decided we are going to carry this baby. That this beautiful handsome little boy deserved everything any other baby would get. The only difference is, im gonna have to cram all the memories with this child into the next few months while he's still inside. So my agenda is quite full. We've got soccer games to go to, swimming, video games, stories and bedtime songs to sing, teaching him to pray and who is
wonderful maker is. Telling him all the stories of who is his Parents are, and 
the wonderful extended amount of family and friends we are so blessed by and 
now He is so blessed to have. And what kid doesn't want to go to Disney 
World?!?!?! Like I said, we have to a lot to do and were going to make every
moment count with him."

They didn't know how long they would have with London, but he has kept fighting, and this friday, December 7th, sweet London will be born through c-section. 

Because of all the complications with Lyme, Alisa will have to be put under general anesthesia for the surgery, and because of this might not be awake in time to hold her sweet boy before he goes to be with Jesus. Please pray for her husband, Jaime as he holds their precious son and waits for Alisa to wake up. Please pray for peace and comfort that only God can give through this difficult time. Please pray that Alisa will get to hold her precious baby London before God calls him home. Please pray for Alisa's recovery from the surgery, as surgery is hard on anyone with Lyme,
but she needs to be strong to spend time with London, and then will have to continue to recover after he goes home to be with Jesus. Please just pray for peace for them. 

If you want to read more about their journey, you can read her note at this link

Thank you so much for always praying!

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