Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Echo and another appointment

On Monday I went to Children's hospital for the Echo. It was interesting! I got to see my heart on the screen the whole time. She monitored different parts of my heart with the ultrasound. She said that she thinks my heart is good structurally. We asked if I still need to go to the Cardiologist. She said yes because the Cardiologist will look at different things. And there is still something going on with my heart. The nurse said I should not be able to feel my heart pounding all the time and it needs to slow down. So the Cardiologist appointment is in the beginning of February at Mercy Hospital.
Yesterday and last night I had a horrible migraine. I had to take 2 migraine pills, and 2 different kind of pain medicines and it still wasn't better. I felt horrible. It's mostly gone today but it still hurts and I'm really worn out.
Today I'm going back to Children's Hospital for an appointment with my pain management team.


  1. Did Allison Reed, by chance, do your echocardiagram? She's in the singles' class at church and she is an amazing, amazing girl. I hope you got to meet her!

  2. hmm maybe. What does she look like?