Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's 2:53am and I'm still goin' strong...kinda

It has been/still is a rough night. It started with me getting ready to eat dinner and then having a wave of nausea hit fast and hard. I took some medicine and went to bed...when I tell my parents goodnight and say I'm going to bed, it is just understood that I mean that I'm going to lay down and will most likely be back downstairs several times during the night because of the fight sleep and I are in. In my fun world goodnight means, see you in an hour when House Hunters is over and I need some popcorn and hot chocolate. Then...repeat this process several times until I think I have used enough energy going up and down the stairs to be able to beat sleep. That is my nightly routine! Sometimes, like tonight, I start this process around 7. Other times I start it at midnight. No matter what time I start this, I always have to fight sleep.
So around midnight I realized I was not going sleep anytime soon. Some nights I KNOW I won't sleep. It's very weird... tonight I haven't been able to sleep because I'm in a lot of pain and I'm sweating like crazy but I'm freezing. I think I'm having blood sugar issues because I started shaking SO much and was really light headed and weak. So somehow I stumbled downstairs for the 5th time and got some yogurt and Gatorade. I came back upstairs and was just peacefully watching tv when I felt ANOTHER earthquake. This time I RAN downstairs and started crying and freaking out. Feeling horrible plus being angry about not sleeping plus another earthquake is not the best mixture. I looked online and it was a 3.7 magnitude and the center was a MILE from my house. After calming down kinda I took my dog upstairs with me and watched more tv. Twenty minutes later I decided I needed to take a bath to help the pain. So I went back downstairs to take a bath and now I'm back upstairs. Being angry that I'm not asleep does not help anything...I know I'm supposed to try and relax so I can maybe sleep but that's a little hard to do right now. I am going to try to go to church but it will be a hard day. I hope you have a peaceful weekend!


  1. so many of us have GI issues. Be sure to be checked for Celiac Disease, Gastroparesis and if you're like me pancreatic insufficiency. Not wanting to scare you but may lymmies like us have these issues and life does get better when they are dignosed. I was in remission until recently and now I hope herbal support will push back symptoms I'm having. Not lookin forward to another PICC line.

  2. Important your LLMD gives you something to sleep. Without sleep our bodies can't heal. The sleep thing is so common and I remember talking to others on lymfriends when I thought I was the only person in the world who didn't sleep.
    "Ribbons Across America"

  3. I have been tested for those and thankfully I don't have them!

    I'm on sleep medicines but none of them work. I can't take almost all sleep medicines because I black out from them. But I'm on Amitryptline(?) and I'm on the highest dose I can take. It's very frustrating!

    Thanks for your help!