Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy week!

There's so much going on this week!

I got my ACT scores in the mail on Saturday and I got a 23! I'm very happy with that. Apparently, I'm really good at guessing :) my highest section was science which is perfect since I want to be a nurse.

Today I went to the our primary care doctor for various reasons. When I was in the ICU, I had to get off of the medicine that helps me sleep and helps with pain because it interacted with other medicines they gave me in the ER. Since then, I haven't taken it and I can tell a huge difference. I'm not sleeping well and I hurt all the time. My whole body hurts (from the Lyme) and I have a constant migraine. SO, I really need this medicine. I didn't realize how much it helped until I was off of it.

I'm not sure if I ever explained this, but the whole reason I ended up in the ICU was because the ER put me on all these medicines that interacted with each other and caused a very dangerous reaction (seizures, eyes not responding to light, eyes dilated, pulse in the 150s).

It's been long enough for the all the medicines to be out of my system, so the doctor feels comfortable with letting me start the sleep medicine again. I'll slowly start making my way back up to the dose I'm supposed to be on. She said it could take a few weeks for it to help with the pain. We were hoping it wouldn't take that long, but there's nothing we can do about that.

The doctor also signed papers for me to get a temporary handicap parking permit. At college, freshman can only park at their dorms. That's a long ways from where some of my classes will be! With this permit, I will be able to park by my classes which will help so much. I'm regaining my strength and am stronger than I was, but I still need to take it easy because I'm still recovering and can't walk too far.

Tomorrow I am going to my high school to take the EOI (end of instruction) tests that I've missed so that they can give me my diploma!! I don't have to pass them, I just have to take them. Seems silly to me, but I will do whatever they need me to do. They've been so helpful and supportive.

On Wednesday I am being interviewed by one of the newspapers, The Daily Oklahoman!! They called last week and asked if they could interview me about Lyme. Of course we said yes! They will also video tape the interview. I'm so excited! I will let you know how it goes and when the article will come out!!

Thursday and Saturday I will be getting everything set up for me to attend Oklahoma Christian University this fall. I will probably only take 2 classes this semester since I haven't been to school in 2 and half years. There's no way I could go from no school to a full load. I'm really excited about all of that!!

This week will be crazy, so please pray for strength and good rest.

Thank you for your continued prayers and comments! They mean so much to me!!!

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  1. Love this update! Congratulations on your ACT score - I have no idea what a 23 means but you seem happy with it, so well done! :D

    Great news about the parking permit too, and about the interview! If the video ends up online will you let us see it? :)