Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good week!

Last week was a crazy week! Tuesday I finished high school! I had to take 6 tests, but the principle told me to just fill in answers and not actually read anything. I felt so weird doing that, but she said so! So I'm done with high school!!!!

Wednesday was the interview with the news paper about Lyme. My whole family went and we all talked about various things and about our journey through it all. She video taped it also, so when it's online, I will let you know! It went very well!

On Thursday my mom and I went to Oklahoma Christian to get my classes. I'm only taking 6 hours this semester since I haven't been in school in so long, and I'm still not 100%. I'm taking English, Bible, and Intro to Nursing. 

On Friday I was too sick to do anything. Last week I didn't sleep at all because of the insomnia and pain, so I'm pretty worn out from everything. I'm starting to get a little more sleep since my medicine is kicking in a little more, but I'm still not sleeping enough. It could take a few more weeks to fully kick in. 

Yesterday my parents and I went to Oklahoma Christian University for Take Flight. We got my student ID, computer, and other things to complete the enrollment process. I'm officially a student at OC! There was a lunch yesterday and then we went to talk to the teachers for the department of our majors. I'm so excited for college!

Last Tuesday there was a huge storm that came through and tore up our back porch. Here's a picture. 

It took down our pergolas and moved our couch across the porch which is a long way!

Here is my computer from OC!! I love it!

I don't have anything planned for this week which is good because I'm completely worn out from last week. I'm praying the pain and sleep issue will get a lot better soon!


  1. You are amazing!!!

    Praying for you!!

  2. Congratulations on being an official college student! I am so proud of you and everything you are doing! I will be praying that you start to sleep again.

  3. Hi Victoria,
    I sure enjoyed talking to you & your family last week. Wanted to let you know that we may run the story this weekend.
    I do have one other question, though: Where was the tick located on you?
    Also, if you have one or two photos of yourself while getting treatment or in the hospital, would you want to share it with our readers? If so, just send it to If you'd like, you could email me there as well about the tick location.
    Thanks! Sonya Colberg - The Oklahoman - 475-3694