Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trick or treating in the dorms!

It has been a crazy week. For the first time in college, I had a little panic attack over this paper I'm writing. I'll post more soon about that!

On Thursday night there was trick or treating in the dorms! We decorated our doors and dressed up for it. At 11pm the night before, my friends and I decided to be rock, paper, and scissors. Here is the finished project!

This is our decorated door!
Anyone is welcome to bring their kids to the dorms! We all stood by our doors and handed out candy! So from 6-8 the dorms were packed full of people! A lot of the faculty and staff bring their kids. There were a lot of people from church too. It was so much fun!!! The comments on our costumes were hilarious. Once, my friend who was the rock went back in the room so people thought my friend and I were just school supplies...haha yeah cause that's really cool to do!! 
It was a ton of fun! And since we participated in this, we get a free room check! Once a week we have room check where they see if we cleaned the sink, microwave, refrigerator, and floors. We also have to take all the trash out and wash all the dishes. Now we have a free week! 

After trick or treating was done we decided to go to the snack bar in the student center for some food. And yes, we definitely did wear our costumes. I'm sure we were the coolest people there...haha actually we made people laugh so it was worth it!

An update is coming soon! Hope you're having a good weekend!

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