Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This is Teresa, updating for Victoria. Victoria is very tired after a long day at the clinic. She had an appointment with a nutritionist late this morning that lasted a couple of hours. Victoria had a Bioimpedance Analysis done, and this test shows several important factors regarding cellular function. The test showed that Victoria has very poor cell membrane integrity and sluggish toxin removal, both of which can impede cellular energy production and recovery from the Lyme. She will start a few supplements that will aid in correcting these problems. After lunch she started a new iv treatment that helps the liver and the spleen in their functions of dealing with all the toxins that the Lyme bacteria releases when it is killed. She finished the day with the detox injection, the Glyoxal injection and the Chlorella Push. Big day with a lot going on internally! Victoria was able to visit today with Chuck Norris's wife. She is so very sweet and was such an encouragement to Victoria, and we are thankful that family is at the clinic. Thank you for all your prayers for my precious daughter!

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  1. Victoria and Teresa - You are both in my thoughts and prayers for success and renewed health soon!!