Thursday, May 13, 2010

5/13/10 update

Yesterday was an eventful day! We decided that we can't go to Brazil next Friday because our visa paperwork to get in the country is having problems and my doctor says I can only go if we can take all my heart medicines with us. We are trying to figure out how to get the medicines in the country without them being taken by customs. We are looking at going in a few weeks hopefully.
I did homecare in the morning before the major auto-hem. During the auto-hem I got another clot in my port. It was great fun. So that took a while.
We were scheduled to meet with the doctor at 2. We finally met with him at 4 or so. We went through all my blood work. My platelets are better but still in the low normal range so he said we just need to watch it really carefully.
My cholesterol is high for some reason so he is putting me on some medicine to help that.
I told him how my fingers and toes turn purple and blue and green sometimes. Sunday during church I looked down and my left hand was all purple and green. He said that that means that I probably have Raynauds disease. I don't know a lot about that but it had to do with circulation. I don't remember the connection but that also means that I am likely to develop auto immune diseases. Lyme can cause those. When we mentioned that my concentration is zero and that I have lots of brain fog and confusion, he said that I really need to get stable so that we can try to stop the Lyme in my brain and make sure I don't get auto immune diseases. That means that I have to come back here once I'm stable.
He is sending me home with the heart meds that I have to take everyday either through my port or a shot. I'm also being sent home with homeopathic pain medicine called an arthritis push that we can put in my port or a shot.
This morning I had a TON of testing. We were testing a bunch of medications I will be taking home. Oh my. I thought I was taking a lot of medicine before I came here...ha. My colon, small intestines, kidney, liver, stomach, lymphatic system, skin, and throat are all infected and messed up. Not what we were hoping to hear. So, at home I have this huge list of detox things to do. Once I start it, I will post more about that because I'm still not sure what it is.
After testing I did homecare. Then I did a detox IV. I'm really frustrated with the nurses because 4 out of the 5 days they have to reaccess my port because of some problem. Today he "missed" my port and had to do it again. What in the world?! How do you MISS my port? It's RIGHT THERE. Good grief. After my IV I got my butt shots. Then I had a dark field. That's the thing where they take a drop of my blood and put it under the microscope to see what's going on. There is no Lyme in my blood! Praise God! It showed I'm fighting lots of viruses and allergies and some yeast infections. Nothing too bad showed up on there which is great! It was a long day!!!
Tomorrow is my last day at the clinic! I'm so so excited!!!!!
Here are the shots I take everyday.
Allergy shot (arm shot)
Food allergy shot (arm shot)
Either Glyoxal shot (butt shot) or Placenta shot (we switch off days with these)
Amitripyline desensitization shot (arm shot)
Heart medicine shot (arm shot)
And lucky me I get to take medical food every day...(mixed like a protein shake)
Once I get the LONG list of other medicines I am on, I will share that too! It will take a while to figure out a routine with everything.
I get to come home in 2 days!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow afternoon after the clinic we are planning on going to Tahoe again for a couple hours and then come to the hotel to pack. Then Saturday night I will be HOME! :)

THANK YOU for your continual prayers and encouragement!!

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  1. You're my hero; you just keep on doing what you have to do! Can't wait to see you Sunday. Till then,

    Luv ya always,