Friday, May 7, 2010

That was really scary!!!!

Yesterday seemed so long! I didn't even do very much. I just did an IV and shots. I forgot what I got! haha all the days run together.

There is so much going on today! The first thing I did this morning was something called homecare. Homecare is where you prick your finger, get .1 ccs of blood with a syringe, then make your own medicine. You get tested on a level and find out how many bottles you need to use. Each bottle has a solution in it. Once the blood is in the first bottle, you shake the bottle for 25 seconds. Then you take .5 ccs out of the bottle with a syringe and put it in the next bottle and shake that one for 25 seconds. You continue this until you reach the last bottle. For me, I do 35 bottles. Once I shake the 35 bottles, I take out 1cc and give myself a shot using that medicine. The purpose is that it takes your symptoms right then, like a headache or cold, and once you mix them in the bottles, it levels everything out. So once you give yourself the shot of the finished product, it will teach your other cells what to do to get rid of the symptom. It's really cool! Apparently you are not supposed to eat while you do it. You can't even drink water because then the medicine might not work for you. Well I ate and drank today. So what did I get to do?! Do it all AGAIN. 4 finger pricks and 1 shot later I was done... You usually do homecare once a week but if you are sick you can do it everyday.

We also found out that my throat is swollen and infected. That is why it hurts so much! I have such back allergies right now.

Now I am doing the Major Auto-Hem. They accessed my port, and took the 4 pints of blood out. They put it through the machines to clean it and then all the sudden my port got a clot in it. The nurses starting panicking because we have to get the blood back in me fast. He worked on my port and blood went everywhere. He tried starting an IV in my arm but decided to keep trying my port. So he deaccessed my port and then reaccessed again. That means putting another huge needle in. Now everything is okay! I look like I've had surgery though. There is blood all over me! It was really scary for a while!!!

With the auto-hem you don't get any shots so that's exciting! I'm supposed to do this 4 more times while I'm here.

Tomorrow we are going to try to go to lake Tahoe! I have some pictures from the clinic to post later.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Way brave sweetie. I'd have probably curled up in the fetal position and called for mom! have a great time at Tahoe; ya'll deserve it!

    Love always,