Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crazy day!

Today was a very long day! After they took the 10 vials of blood, my arm started swelling up and hurting so bad. It's all red so they put lots of cream on it and have my whole arm all wrapped up. We met with my doctor and discussed lots of things. For over 5 months, I have had this rash that is on my stomach and back. We haven't thought anything about it since I get rashes all the time. Today we showed the doctor...he said that the kind of rash I have means that my liver isn't working properly. Great. We aren't sure what that means yet exactly. They accessed my port and started my vitamin C IV. I started feeling bad so they slowed it down. I continued to not feel well so the doctor ordered for it to be stopped. They switched me to a detox IV to get the vitamin C IV out of my system.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled to do the auto-hem procedure. That is where they take out so much blood, put ozone in it, run it through a UV light, then put it back in your body. Then they do an IV of hydrogen peroxide. The whole thing takes about 4 hours. Last time I had this, I had a very scary reaction to it. But the doctor said I need to have it done. Hopefully everything will go well.

This weekend was amazing. We had so much fun! The theme was Just As I Am, focusing on how God takes us just as we are. One of my favorite things was Sunday morning. Okay, I had not planned to climb the mountains. Saturday there were several activities on the mountains but I did not go. Saturday night the water in the girls cabins went out. It was pretty funny actually. Everyone freaked out. So Sunday morning there was a sunrise hike. I decided I was going to do it. I woke up at 5 only to find that the water wasn't back on. We ran in the dark to the mess hall to brush our teeth. At 6am we started the climb. I took my time and was the last one to the top, but I didn't care at all. I struggled all the way up. It was painful, tiring, and frustrating. But I made it. I climbed the mountain. (okay not really a mountain but a hill...) The sunrise was great!! I'm so glad I got to do that.
I will update more tomorrow!

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  1. Prayers are with you Victoria. Praying that the treatments will be effective and you will get to feeling better soon.