Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rambling about nothing

I am so ready for all my favorite shows to begin again. When I don't feel good all I can do is watch tv, and let me tell ya, there is nothing on in the summer.
School starts in two weeks. What does that mean for me? Nothing really. Except that all my friends will be starting their senior year.
I would be starting my senior year in high school too, but thanks to Lyme Disease I'm not going to school anymore.
I haven't been to school in a year and a half. I miss it. A lot.
Instead, my days are filled with IVs, medicine schedules, shot schedules, and way too much fun. I would definitely go to school over that.
Also with school starting, that means that for several days a week it will just be me, myself, and I at home.
Oh and my dog. But he is unconscious all day until I get out the food. Then he miraculously comes alive.
He also comes alive when there is another dog within 200 feet of our house and suddenly becomes our "tough guard dog". How he senses a dog while he's unconscious I'll never know.
Also, why are there so many people who walk their dogs all day during the school year. Shouldn't they be at work?
Oh and my mom will be home with me some days.
I am officially obsessed with Mystery Diagnosis and Untold Stories of the ER and shows like that. They are a little dramatic though. Like when a patient comes to the ER with a pulse above 100 bpm and they tell them they are going to die and they shock them to restart their heart. Uhh my pulse is 100 bpm on a good day.
They also yell to someone to grab the crash cart because the patient is crashing when their blood pressure is 90/50. That is my blood pressure on a good day. I get so excited if my blood pressure is that high!
It's weird to watch those shows and see that symptoms that send people to the ER in a panic, are just things I have to deal with on a daily basis now. When you're seriously sick, you have to change your concept of a real emergency or you would be in the ER every single day.
Well that's all I have for today. I hope you're having a great week!

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  1. I know you posted this over two years ago but I have found an incredibly helpful way of looking at things like this. I see it as I have a new healthy for me. So when I say I have had a good week health wise, I will still have been in constant and severe pain, I will still have ached from head to toe, I will still have felt dizzy but maybe actually one of those things have been slightly less or my pain levels have been normal for me pretty much all the week without too many times of them increasing.

    I liked the blood pressure comment - reminded me of me - I have super low blood pressure (not sure the numbers or anything...) and the first time I found this out and discovered this was during a hospital appointment where the nurse took my blood pressure with her machine. She then stopped it started it again and again. Then she tried my other arm and tried that several times. Then she went and got another machine and tried that several times on each arm. Then she went and got an older fashioned hand one and tried that on both arms and then admitted that it was as low as it had originally read she just couldn't believe it! They didn't want to let me go from the hospital and wanted to keep me in but after a few hours of it not increasing at all the doctors admitted that there was nothing they could do to help bring it up. I managed to convince them to let me go after saying that I felt exactly the same as I always did and so have obviously been walking round with it as low as that and managing. I ended up with some nice bruises on my arms - arms do not take kindly to having blood pressure checked 20+ times in a row each!