Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where I spend a lot of time

I thought I would show you where I spend a lot of my time. My room. I've spent weeks up here bedridden. I've spent lots of hours hooked up to IVs in there. But while I've been on IVs or bedridden I've also had lots of fun times in my room playing games and watching movies or tv with people who come to visit me! I love my room!!!! It's so cheerful!
My room is upstairs which I like! Climbing the stairs is sometimes quite a challenge but I like being upstairs. This is what you see when you first walk in the door.

My room is pretty big and a great shape!
As you can see, it is a tropical theme! I love the beach so much!!

At Christmas time, and sometimes other times, I will come home to find that there are Christmas lights on my palm tree. I will give you one guess as to who does that.
If you guessed my brother you are correct!

My window seat!

There are some cards that my brother put above my bed when I was at the medical center in Nevada one time! These are like 1/12th of the cards I have gotten. I love reading them!!

I forgot to take a picture of my karaoke machine but I think you know what that looks like! I used to do musicals and voice lessons so I have used that a lot!!

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  1. I love the window seat. I've always wanted a window seat. You have a great room.