Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So many tests...

Sunday was not a good day. I was in so much pain. My side and stomach and back hurt so much that I was crying despite all the medicines I was on. So off to the hospital we went. When we got there, they hooked me up to an IV and got me on some pain and nausea medicines. I had to have five things of morphine before the pain went away. They did blood work so we had to wait on that before we could leave. My blood work didn't show an acute infection so they couldn't do any more tests on my abdomen or gallbladder. As they were fixing to get my discharge papers, I turned over and the pain came back. They gave me more pain medicine and finally after 4 hours we got to leave. We got home around 5pm Sunday. The pain was under control for a little bit but then came back really badly. We tried everything to try to help the pain. Finally at 10pm we called the doctor because I was crying and in so much pain. They told us that they would call the hospital and tell them to do an ultrasound. So we went to a different hospital this time! They did the ultrasound and got me pain medicine stronger than morphine and nausea medicines. It helped but it wore off so fast. We were there for a long time just trying to get the pain under control. The doctor there was so so nice. We loved him!! Apparently a lot went on but I was too drugged to remember. I remember alarms going off and people would come tell me to breathe. We got to come home at 4am.
I'm on a very strict diet and can't eat almost anything. I'm still feeling weird from all the meds they gave me in the hospital.
Today we went to the hospital for my tests. We discovered a problem and so we rescheduled some tests. Today I had an ultrasound of every organ in my abdomen. That was kinda painful!!
Tomorrow I go to have a HIDA scan which scans the gallbladder. They inject radio active dye through an IV and watch the gallbladder.
Thursday I go and do a GI test where I drink that nasty drink and they watch it go through. Most of the times they just watch it go through the stomach but for me they are watching it go all the way out. This could take up to 8 hours.
At midnight the night before each test I have to stop eating and drinking.
I will update when I know anything! I'm on a ton of medicine just to make it until we figure out what is wrong! Please keep praying! Thank you!


  1. I'm glad I got to see you today in the parking lot! I'm praying for your tests - you are going through so much!

  2. Last night...AWESOME! I was so proud of you and my other friends up on stage. I could have never done what you guys did. I have so much respect for everyone up on the stage.