Thursday, August 19, 2010

We found the problem!

After spending all week at the hospital for tests we found out that my gallbladder is what is causing all the problems! I'm so glad we found it out. The Hida scan yesterday is what showed the problem. For that test they inject radio active stuff into your IV and then watch it fill your gallbladder on the screen. You lay under a machine. Then they give you another dose that acts like what happens when you eat food. It was very painful and I got so nauseous. Today I went for an upper GI test but when I told them my symptoms they sent me to my regular doctors office to talk about the results of the Hida scan. My gallbladder is not working as well as it should so it needs to be taken out. We meet with the surgeon on Monday! I'm so glad we found out what's wrong and are getting it fixed soon! All I've done this week is lay on the couch and go to the hospital for tests. I've been at the hospital so much. I walk in and we don't even have to do the routine paperwork everyday because they know me so well. They just give me my bracelet and we are good!
I'm having to stay on strong pain medicine because the pain is so intense.
I did get to go to church last night which was very hard but I did it. We did something called cardboard testimonies. About 30 of us went in front of the whole church during worship and share part of our lives. On one side of the cardboard you put a struggle and on the other side you put what God has done through that struggle or sin.
Mine was
"On dark road of stage 3 Lyme Disease"
And on the other side I put
"Jesus lights the way for me!"
It was such a great night and such a blessing! I'm glad I got to go and be a part of it!!
I will update after we meet with the surgeon!

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